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Metrek Technologies

As a multi-disciplinary business & engineering consulting company, we offer a host of services and tailored solutions in the fields of engineering, process design, construction, project management, business analysis and information management.

Our aim is to guide our clients to achieve an optimal energy state within their operations and business activities. We apply creative, rational and critical thought when examining challenges and developing real-world solutions, thereby adding tangible value for our customers.

Core Values



Within our analytical framework, we apply critical thought, logical reasoning and fact-finding as the foundation for developing customer-orientated solutions.



Our divergent and creative thinking enables us to develop innovative solutions that are technically and economically feasible.



Our systematic approach enables us to meet and exceed client expectations by consistently delivering on-time and within-budget solutions.


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Information Management


We collaborate with our clients to develop a clear framework outlining the project objectives, client expectations, desired results, timeframes as well as budgetary targets.


We develop a proposal outlining the conceptual solution with detailed deliverables, milestones, budgets, resource requirements as well as cost estimates.


We deploy the required resources to develop the execution framework, encompassing a detailed scope that is in line with client requirements and expectations.


Our multidisciplinary team members coordinate initiatives to develop a comprehensive project design encompassing detailed project plans, process designs, engineering designs, work-plans, risk analyses as well as other project specific requirements.


Our project managers, supported by subject-matter experts, ensure that internal and external resources deliver components and services in accordance with specifications and project milestones. Delivery delays are corrected to minimize deviations from the project plan.


During project completion and client acceptance, we provide training and support to the operational teams to ensure seamless transition into operations.


The verification step establishes that our implemented solutions have met the design criteria and intended functionality, as well as having addressed all our client’s requirements.


By validating our solutions, we determine if we have correctly defined the requirements and expectations, proposed (and implemented) the correct solutions and that they are providing tangible results for our clients.

Continuous Improvement

We continuously seek to improve our solutions to ensure that an optimum energy-state is maintained for our clients, and that current technological and best practice standards are adhered to.


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